With Gritted Teeth and a Depraved, Persistent Sympathy, Thank You for Fighting with Me

The new year has thrown quite a bit at me, I must say.
To be honest, I'm pretty tired of talking about myself but I'll try to keep what's on my mind short.
(Maybe for a whole month match every post about myself with a post about something else!)

From bewildered to begrudged, I struggled to both fight for and against my pride and desires.
Then I played into a classic Screwtape strategy of taking the situation as an injury.

False self-denial to pretentious prayers;
The violence of outer-silence, the ambiguity of the term "enemy".

But, after much discussion and unnecessary screaming;
With dear peers and at the Willing Victim, my King.

And of course, Mommy Comments.

I've come to find an ease in compromise.

I'm hoping to delve into the Word more as the winter grows colder.
As the snow dumps down, I'll press on to think of things outside of me.
I feel like the Lord is telling me not to live in consistent depression.

I'm going to take Him up on that.

Thanks to the anonymous, acquaintance, and familiar faces for sifting through the emotional nebula and find the floating vessel, stranded, but never alone.

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