Busy, Busy

I really am no longer a fan of personal updates, considering that people read this who talk to me on a daily basis,
But to neglect an update is to neglect one of the founding principles of this blog: to be a public expressive journal to document my journey through life.

So I digress to the last couple weeks of my life...

For starters, within the same week my 2 year old cousin and my girlfriend both moved into my house.
A household of 4 to 6 is now 6 to 8!
It's been a complete roller-coaster of emotion, and while I'd like to get into detail of why both moved in, I will refrain from doing so for their benefit.

The unnamed post-rock band I promoted back in August/September/October is now named and we had played our first show!
We went by Every Day (my acoustic ambient project) for the show, but now go by A Quiet Place.
We opened for a local metalcore band by the name of The Ongoing Concept, who've received a LOT of views on their music video (over 25,000!) and have been covered by decent sized internet music news media outlets like Indie Vision Music.
It was a blast and privilege to play with them, and to make things better we were invited to play with them any chance we get.

The goal of A Quiet Place is derived from a specific command to the disciples of Christ in Mark 6:31, just before Jesus feeds 5,000:

"Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, he said to them, "Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.""

During a contemplation for how we were to perform for the night of the show, Andrew Choske, our drummer, sincerely suggested that we give the audience the opportunity for solace to be presented to the spectators; allowing them to dance, sit next to the drumset, sing their own melodies, lay down with eyes closed, yell under the veil of sound our music provides.
We feel compelled by the Holy Spirit to provide a quiet place to get some rest.
We prayed about it for weeks and after the show, its been unanimously confirmed in our hearts to carry this mission out.
Humility is going to be a battle where we must stand our ground, as to not interfere with the work of the Spirit, but rather He work through us.

That's about all I have for right now, if you pray, pray for me whenever you get the chance.
God's calling me to repent to long neglected separations, and its a battle I'm determined to see through.


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