Hash out old memories,
Sift through familiar feelings,
I'll tell you which ones still reflect "Me."

Healing comes from repentance;
Within is peeling of one's
Crust of a skin: self-proclaimed sentence.

"Take the log from your own eye."
I am weak.
"If the left is closed and still you sin, gouge out the right."
I am afraid.
"Remember me."
I have fallen asleep.

Even as I write,
Wander, does my mind.
Self-offense is the way I must fight.

Damn the demons,
Blame the bird,
(Slander myself) I did all of this to myself.

Plead in prayer,
Soak my sores,
Help me with my unbelief!

Singularized into the cyclic circumstance of ideological indecision,
Cursed by obsession to critique every inch of my existence;
There must be something wholly good about me.

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