Plate Tectonics

There seems to be a call of attention to every earthquake that manifests its presence with casualties.
As for the uncountable micro-tremors, the shakings in the low and lonesome corners of the Earth, they are unheard of.

Yet the thing about the skin of the Earth is that it is one functioning body;
My molten bloodflow shifts the warmth across my bones, triggering in my nerves that which is perceived as cold.
When things start moving and I can't feel a thing, it's at that point I should be concerned but have neglected the guidance of my wise eyes.

Wise, wide-open eyes, please pick up these deaf, dying ears and speak to that force that causes my blood to course.
The unchangeable iron center that has held us together does not rely on any type of weather, local, interplanetary, or galactic.
It will continue to hold us together until the inevitable consummation by our sun or the holes of black gravitation take control of all systems.

Will we thrive and be free until our day of reckoning?

The Noetic Poet

I'm lost in indifference
Smiles fade with the grave hearted here
Life entombed, crushed under the boot
Of a world that just won't disappear


Lord, I feel the way I speak is abrasive and poorly thought out.
Same goes for how I breathe.


When I speak, my teeth and tongue turn to swords and spikes, which elongate and fire away.
This way, there are gaps where the blades have been depleted, leaving the end of my sentence to stab into my gums.


Best Friend

My best friend since 8th grade, Brenna Dunn, is a phenomenal portion of existence; a heartfelt creation.

She made this album, it's a free download, it's quality folk, indie music.
I used to fall asleep to old demos of "Crossroads", "Falling for You", and "One More Embrace".
This human being has been an essential part of who I am today.
I would review this demo for your sake, but I'd be horribly biased on top of the indisputable soul she expresses through her art.

She's one of two active musical artists and the lead graphic designer on my developing record label, Crazy Knuckles Records.

Here's the latest draft of the logo she sent me:

Why haven't you downloaded her free album yet?!


A Lesson in Humility

For about a month or so my girlfriend and I have been reading this book titled The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel. The book records an accredited journalist's research for the potential evidence in the universe for an intelligent designer, namely to seek the relevance for metaphysical belief, especially Christianity.

I don't want to get into an amount of detail she will be opposed to having exposed on the internet, but Martha (this is not my girlfriend's real name, but I feel she'd rather not have me use it for this post) has been an atheist for about a year after a falling out with the Christian beliefs she was raised on, and currently holds her belief not because she feels God has been disproved, but rather she does not see the proof of God in majority or entirety.

As you may guess, we are polar opposites on this issue. Granted, I've been looking into science's explanations for the origin of the universe and the origin of life for 3ish years (I've been a devoted follower of Christ since I was 13, though I can say I've believed in Him since I can first remember) and have come to the understanding that the evidence for the existence of everything spells out "D-E-S-I-G-N" (but replace the English characters with physics, cosmology, biology, and slews of other fields of science).

We didn't really think of the implications this would take on our romantic relationship when it first began. We'd been friends for almost 4 years, so that was the only mutual foundation we built our progression upon. For someone with such convictions as I, this was a decision that left the most critical of disagreements unaddressed and neglected, creating distance between her and I, and between God and I.

After many arguments, some which have compromised the entirety of our relationship, we've decided to make a forward investigation to reveal the truth. She feels God has not been proved to her; it is a sincere desire, a need, in my heart and a command from the Lord to spread the true Gospel. I've found evidence for the existence of an intelligent creator I cannot refute; naturalistic theories such as Darwinism and game changers like Nihilism have all been proven false to me, while design continually garners more evidence. We've decided to let the evidence speak for itself, removing as much bias as possible from interpretation. While it may seem that this is a incredible task to present to two philosophically inquisitive adolescents, it is a journey we feel necessary to embark on, a journey who's discoveries will dictate our individual lifestyles thoroughly.

Now that you have that in mind, I want to say I feel I've done a terrible job guiding her through my interpretations of evidence she has just recently pondered while I've had around 3 years to consider and ask questions about. While I am in awe of the complex microbiological mechanisms that began to work in our cells during the origin of life, I honestly haven't a clue what that means to her. We talk about the evidences revealed to us in the book, such as the Cambrian Explosion, but she remains conceded to her notion because she wants to see all of the evidence for intelligent design that she can realistically consider, as well as the opposing perspectives, the non-theists, and how they view the evidence.

And yet, while she's making a very thoughtful decision by waiting to analyze the evidences as a whole, I'm ignorantly putting pressure on her to make a concerete conclusion based on a few pieces of evidence that she's had less than 2 months to process. I realized my negative influence after reading what historian and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer had to say about attributing the evidence of God to being an idol of the mind or of science:

"So exploring the scientific and historical evidence for God is not only a cognitive exercise, but it's an act of worship for me. It's a way of giving the Creator the credit and honor and glory that are due to him. To attribute creation to a mere natural process is a form of idolatry to which we're all prone. I don't judge my naturalistic colleagues for being prone to that. That's how I'm constituted as well. All of us have a tendency to minimize God, to think and behave as if we weren't really immersed in his creation and that we aren't ourselves the product of his unimaginable creative power."

What I've been doing is straight-up judgement against her undecided disposition. I need to grasp some amount of empathy for her disposition. I mean, if I were in her shoes I'd not want to make a decision either, I'd want answers to the questions which fuel my skepticism. She has a lot of unanswered questions; mine have all been answered and somewhat forgotten. I'm in the "worshipping the Creator of all conceivable existence within the universe" stage, she's in the "I haven't seen enough to be sure of any sort of intelligent designer" stage. I haven't been mindful of that, and I need to be. It'd be ignorant and arrogant to continue hanging my "I know the truth" notion over her.


Keep Your Head Above Water

When the daily routine of juggling your responsibilities has a couple extra items to catch and throw up into the air, you have to be able to respond and shift your rhythm instantaneously.

I've been involved with so many extra music projects lately that it feels as if I've attained a part-time job performing, recording, mixing, promoting, networking, managing, organizing, composing, researching, and writing for music.
Within the past 4 weeks so much has been accomplished, and for it all to be possible I have to attribute the credit to the Lord. Committing my plans to Him (Proverbs 16:1-3) and removing myself from the equation as much as possible and replacing His will with mine is the only reason any of this has been remotely possible.

  • My band A Quiet Place released our first set of songs, an EP comprised of 3 songs running 27 minutes long. I cannot emphasize how blessed I am to be a part of this group, which has its roots in spreading the Gospel. It's the release I've always dreamed of making: sincere music communicating a sincere message. As opposed to being completely ignored, as I would naturally expect, we've received nothing but positive feedback, hundreds of plays online, and almost 30 free downloads (two people were kind enough to donate!). Sadly, though, one of our guitarists is unable to play with us anymore, making us a 3 piece, like we started. We even played our second show without him, and while it was a great experience to make a sincere impact on a handful of people, there was a unique and powerful presence missing the whole night. Elijah's indefinite absence has caused me to realize how much of an impact he and the other guys in the band have made on my life. I can honestly call them my brothers in Christ. Our friendships have been growing with every interaction and I hope they continue to do so throughout our lives.

  • I've laid out the groundwork for a local DIY record label, which I've named Crazy Knuckles Records, recruiting some close friends to join and help with different aspects of running a label, such as art, promotion, sound engineering, etc. The purpose behind starting such a venture is to add life to the vegetated state of the North Idaho/Eastern Washington music scene. The most we have going for us is a metal scene which revolves around the "I'm in a band or friends with a band" complex and partying. The few acts that are truly dedicated to meaningful and unique art are subsequently overshadowed, unmotivated, or unsure of how to rise above and make a name for themselves. The record label will allow for local artists to network with one another and essentially build for themselves a platform to spread their art. There are no genre boundaries, and, while the act must pass my personal biases through tryouts/demo submissions, the only true qualification to join in the movement is the ability and motivation to produce meaningful and creative communication. Heck, I'll take just about any art medium, I just want to make a difference around here. I've taken into consideration making a "Christian label", but truthfully I feel that the Lord has put so many talented artists in my life, and I feel that they deserve just as much, if not more, love and support. That will reveal Christ's love better than creating philosophical barriers.

  • The plans made to become an audio engineer are becoming more and more realistic, as I've been embarking on a plethora of different recording projects. Obviously, there's the EP, but I didn't have as big of a hand on the engineering aspect as our guitarist. I recorded drums for the first time with my friend Avery, we made a semi-joke mathgrind song you can listen to here. I've also recorded a handful of tracks for a video game I'm making with my teacher and friend, Scott Jacobson. So far we've incorporated 2 guitars, a bass, a trumpet, a trombone, and a saxophone. I'm hoping to include a slew of other instruments, especially if we can get a MIDI keyboard. All these recording projects have required me to do some equalization and digital editing, things foreign to me over a year ago.

  • I've had the opportunity to apply for a journalist position at Indievisionmusic.com, where I wrote two album reviews that I hope to post in the near future. I've never really done a formal review or interview, but I've analyzed and dissected several albums and songs in the past, so it was a natural fit for me to write in such a way. Please pray for this endeavor, I'm really excited to receive feedback in the next few weeks.
This is a bit of a personal journal-y post, and for that I apologize. I said a couple months I'd stop doing this, and I ended up not blogging for a long while, so I think it best to remove unnecessary limitations and continue to grow as a writer in every aspect. Thanks for reading.


A Meaning to Minecraft; a Point to Pokemon

For those of you who are unaware, I, like many of my peers, have grown up with video games being a huge part of my childhood. In fact, it wasn't until a couple years ago that I stopped playing them for hours every week, sometimes daily. Just by looking at the Gameboy to the left here I am transported back to hundreds of hours I've clocked in on Pokemon, all the hours I fantasized about games where all the Nintendo characters crossover into each other's games (this happened with Super Mario Bros.), the long nights of ridiculous, crass, carefree humor playing on Xbox Live.

I don't want to reminisce too much, but I am positive there are a great number of individuals who've had impressed into their lives at least one time where they experienced joy from a video game. Be it a social situation, an hour of boredom relieved, or an all-night lock-in to beat a game, everyone's experience has been enjoyed on a subjective level, but there's a common bond that I feel can be related to other types of media like music or movies.

The commonalties of interaction - entertainment, emotional connection, maybe even appreciation for the amount of work poured into whatever you may have enjoyed - are where I come to the conclusion that video games are not just a pass-time, but a legitimate art form.

This starts to make sense when you put together the ideas that video games can be a means of expression and communication, that they can be beautiful aesthetically, and that they even include entire other art forms (music, acting, writing, visual art, etc.). You could go as far as to say some select modern video games are a wholly realized, interactive fusion of several art forms.

Type "Beautiful Video Game" in Google; Get lots of Journey.

With that being said, there are also some imperative issues with video games and their captivating power in their interactive abilities. No, I'm not referring to the controversies over violent influence on players, nor the addictive tendencies developed that could be compared to that of a gambling problem. While those issues may have their demographic that needs to be addressed, there is a greater issue that is unseen: video games have been limited to a medium to reach entertainment, under-utilizing the ability to make a meaningful impact as an art form.

I know I'm naturally someone who seeks a deeper meaning in every aspect of life, but I'm not trying to advocate straight-up intense philosophy into video games, even though I think it'd be a completely valid  path for a game or game genre to take up. All I'm wishing for is that the primary focus of a game to push beyond the realm of removing the burdens of boredom. It seems that games with well developed and interesting stories like the Halo franchise put the action-packed gameplay in the forefront of its worth, making its story and any amount of meaning within it an afterthought for the majority of consumers (and believe me, it is riddled with social, political, and religious themes).

Take a gander at the picture below for a second or two.

Here we have at least one, if not multiple people, pouring their time, effort, and creative perspective into a Minecraft map to make their own unique creation. I would bet money that this took weeks worth of hours to create, all the individual details, planning out the creation, mining the resources for it. The bummer thing about it is that no one will admire this but the creator's colleagues, people he associates with on forums, and people like me, who googled "epic minecraft" and stumbled upon one of thousands of pictures to choose from.

It is downright amazing that people are doing things like this and downright sad that the huge significance is secluded into the community to which it is attributed to. Things like this go to show that people are motivated to play video games beyond the sake of mindless entertainment. They want to do something more, better, greater. I know I'm asking for what seems to be a lot, but when it comes down to it, there is an unmeasurable potential being wasted by game designers and consumers who don't understand that creativity is alinear, lateral, such as much in life. If people would put into and expect life to be in games, they would earn the attention, respect, and, most importantly, the worthiness of your time.

I quit playing video games because they do not stimulate me beyond exercising my basic mental capabilities. Once meaning and purpose become one of the lead innovations in gaming, I'll jump back in, first thing.

Video games should change lives, not waste them.

For games made by lateral thinkers, check out Proteus, Flower, and Portal.