Plate Tectonics

There seems to be a call of attention to every earthquake that manifests its presence with casualties.
As for the uncountable micro-tremors, the shakings in the low and lonesome corners of the Earth, they are unheard of.

Yet the thing about the skin of the Earth is that it is one functioning body;
My molten bloodflow shifts the warmth across my bones, triggering in my nerves that which is perceived as cold.
When things start moving and I can't feel a thing, it's at that point I should be concerned but have neglected the guidance of my wise eyes.

Wise, wide-open eyes, please pick up these deaf, dying ears and speak to that force that causes my blood to course.
The unchangeable iron center that has held us together does not rely on any type of weather, local, interplanetary, or galactic.
It will continue to hold us together until the inevitable consummation by our sun or the holes of black gravitation take control of all systems.

Will we thrive and be free until our day of reckoning?

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