Blogging: A Paradise Hard to Come by These Days

I am truly so busy with work, school, writing, recording, working out show details, writing album reviews, spending time with my loved one and other random things that I just don't have time to make lengthy, relevant, or creative posts on here. I pretty much live my life day-by-day, trusting everything will get done on schedule and to the best ability, but it's just taxing to commit to creative works around these parts.

I used to post every other day or so, but I'm hardly posting every other week. I'm really sorry to you who read, I developed an odd, silent, fabricated relationship with you that is fading away along with my youth.

I've had a bunch of creative writing ideas but I can't get the pen to paper without neglecting something else. Hopefully, as schedules fluctuate and energy abounds on late nights such as this, I will return with something that may pique your interest or spark a fire within your thought process. Only time will tell.

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