Experience the Sadness of Separation

Just a brief update to sort of chronicle A Quiet Place's progress.

This Saturday, the 7th, we recorded two new songs: "Bellow" and "Lost in Indifference" (an Every Day song).

You can listen to "Bellow" here (If you have about 16 minutes to spare):

We're playing our 3rd show on Friday with The Ongoing Concept and some other local bands, really hoping to increase our impact at this show. Now that we have a song with words, we might not be treated as a random gimmick at a show of "real" music, but something with relevance. I don't care how much we get treated as much as the relevance of our music is heard. We don't want to be the "inspirational music guys", we want to impress upon hearts and make a difference the only way we can: prayerfully introducing the love and power of God in any way we can.

Pushing past the fact that we play the music is really hard, but it's necessary while we play the music, in all honesty we don't compose it by our own means, but the Spirit inspires us. We'll jam and record it, and bam, that's our next song. No joke. Then we'll pray about it and it has depth and purpose and a full concept. No toiling over, "What sound do we go for?" or "What's this song gonna be about?". We just listen to God speak and play it, essentially. He is all we should boast about, because we're just messengers. Messengers never go, "I'm so proud of the message I sent, I worked so hard on it!", they speak for another person, even if their heart may agree with the message.

Most times I'm the one the message is for! "The Rest of the Verse" is a call for a quiet place to rest, and I need that so much with all the senseless worrying I do.
"Bellow" was written to sympathize with someone who feels cornered in their sin and needs the realization to repent and grace to be forgiven. I need that on a daily basis.

Just kind of blabbing right now...

Oh, another big thing for us, we're playing a show with Self-Proclaimed Narcissist on May 7th at the Hop! Very stoked to have the honor of playing with him, we've been talking a bit while trying to set up the show, he's a swell dude.

And we're getting a bass cabinet in a week or so, thanks to Choske's (our drummer) and my mothers, our $50 in album sales, and Andrew Brand (guitarist). It'll be loud! We're incredibly thankful for it, we won't have to borrow gear like lame people anymore.

That's about it, I believe.

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