Art is, as definitively put as possible, creative communication.
Now, with a bit more subjective appreciation, I must expand to say that art possesses the capability to capture a deeper understanding of one's self, the perspectives of others, and the interpretations or expressions of the perceived universe.
Some art promotes wonder and curiosity of our existence; some art rejects ideologies perceived as false and embraces others.
Some art portrays an event; some art portrays an enigma of the mind.

Regardless of content, art involves three things: the creator, the consumer, and the communication passed on from the creator's end to the consumer's through the art piece.
Whether the piece promotes expression or education, it always encourages both other parties to go beyond the state of existence they currently reside and pursue another one, be that state one of contemplative empathy, philosophical realization, a change in mood...

While yes, you can consider the money-mongering radio stars, bands that make music as an excuse to party, and the ignorant soapbox celebrity artists, there is always that level of cognitive organization of sifting through art that is stimulating to one's life, or is distracting or destructive.
Even deep, meaningful art can be negative, and it could have been intended to be so.
I've spent hours and hours indulging in art which aided in some of the lower points of my life.
Personally, I care not to indulge in such self-destructive pleasures.

To each his own in the freedom of free-will, but woe to those who take such freedom for granted by the means of selfishness and ignorance.

I don't really have a direction for this post.
I guess I've just been incredibly inspired by creation as of late.
From music to video games to visual art to nature, such careful procedures have carried out the most significant and beautiful things in this world.
I think it's so amazing because it's what we were made for as humans, to bear fruit (it's crazy Biblical).
To think of the complexity of the creative process in general, and then look at the universe and apply such a process into it, it's beyond comprehension.
I'm generally not one to spout a subjective view as evidence for an objective reality, and if I truly wanted to I could get down to the microbiological and atomic level of explanation for how the universe and all life in it was created, but I just wish to take this time to revel in the communication of the art form which maintains the ability for sentient beings such as ourselves to beget further unique, incomparable forms of creative communication.

Here's some of my favorite pieces of art I've yet come across.
This isn't an "of all time" list, I couldn't possibly speculate the depth of impact each piece has impressed upon my life.

Proteus (video game, free download) - The game is in early, early test forms as of right now, but I've spent hours on it exploring, listening, thinking, and feeling.

Disasterpeace is an artist that truly captures emotion while carefully composing every second of the auditory experience.

-Martha made this for me a few years back. Since then I've used it as my album art for some of my Every Day songs, but the message caught up in the texture and contrast of the colors, all wrapped in minimalist simplicity... It strikes a chord in my heart.

I would post some poetry, but I would probably end up picking lyrics over any poem I can think of. I appreciate the medium dearly, and participate in it as well, but I can't say I've picked favorites in poetry. This is something I now wish to do.

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