The Essence of Pain

Pain is not that which agitates the nerves in your toe upon it being stubbed.
It is not the sadness that comes from grieving or a bad day.

Pain the manifestation of unsatisfied longing.
You can truly understand when taking this into perspective under any circumstance, good or bad.

Dramatic irony produces pain within the captivated reader, yearning for their insider information to be expelled and shift the story's direction.
The yearning is a result of that pain.

The final, climactic movement of a emotional song, the moments that lead up to the pinnacle of the composition and the resolution that follows.
Pain appears in the excitement building to the fruition of the musical journey, the listener focused intensely on reaching the end.

Kicking to the surface of a lake, pounding on that thick sheet of ice, muscles burning, eyes wide open, lungs anxiously and instinctively demanding their regular intake.

Tired bodies only wish to find relaxation at the point of over-stimulation.
Darting eyes seek relief for that which supports their ability to see.
If only quivering lungs could speak.

The pain is simply the desire to be at rest.
Pain is the unmuted plea for peace.

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  1. The beauty in which you compose your problems makes me rethink if I want to try to fix you or not.