Just one of those "Life In General" posts.
One of those "I Write About My Life in Hopes that a Person Who Appreciates My Existence Like  I Appreciate Other Strangers' Existence on the Internet" posts.
One of those "Reminder of my Life in the Event I Should Ever Lose My Memory, Which is a Secret Anticipation of Mine" posts.

It seems like this year has not been a year to be on Blogger.
Don't get me wrong, a lot has happened, but it's that sheer volume of happening that has prevented me from speaking my mind around these parts.

Since the show with Self Proclaimed Narcissist in May I had the opportunity to join A Quiet Place for another show with SPN, and his friend Kevin Schlereth.
It was easily one of the best nights I have had and will have all year.
Before the show Martha showed me a fantastic comic book shop in Spokane by the name of Merlyn's.
The performances by Erik and Kevin were splendid, my best friend Brenna also played with another good friend Elizabeth Tesone.
AQP did a pretty good  job too, first show we've had with Elijah since the first one, plus we improvised an entire song live.
The real fun came with hanging out in the Shari's parking lot with Martha, Elizabeth, Brenna, Erik, and Kevin until 4:00 AM, laughing and talking and getting to know each  other's interests and mannerisms.
Erik was also kind enough to play every song request on our hearts.

Somewhere in there I failed to mention that Martha and I have started collecting comics, nearing 100, including some pretty neatly written, beatifully illustrated works, and some rarities.
It takes up a lot of our time and much of our income and we love it.

Martha and I have been dating for 9 and a half months.
We really enjoy one another.

The internship is still happening with Indie Vision Music, it's just slow at the moment,  I've had a lot to do and I've been wasting a lot of time with wasteful things.

I put in my two weeks for my summer job at Silverwood Theme Park, pursuing a part-time job at OfficeMax, which is right next to my home and pays more and sounds more fufilling.

I finished "Out of the Silent Planet" by C.S. Lewis: Breath-taking.
I read Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse Five": Captivating and not at all what the title suggests.
Currently on Lewis' "Perelandra".
Reading books and comic books is quite an enjoyable and time-worthy pasttime.

If you never hear from me again this Summer:
I'll be working on an experimental music video game with my dear friend J.
I'll need every sincere prayer your lips can utter: Christ makes all things new and I need a newness of focus, faith, and understanding to fight the battle for my soul.

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