For those of you who have never come here before, hi, I'm Fallon, this is my blog!

I have been consistently blogging since February 2010, with the exception of the last 4 months, in which I've taken much time toward changes in my life that involve the whole "becoming an adult thing" and "living what you believe stuff".

This blog has been dedicated to whatever I felt important at the time, whether it may be a social issue I felt worth addressing or a musical effort worth boasting or an emotion worth purging. I'd like to think there's been a greater amount of quality in topics or quality of writing than me whining or saying stupid things, but there's been a great amount of both around these parts.

I've decided that life rants and emotional purgings are valuable, but if they're of public disclosure, they should be 100% honest, decoded, and directed toward some type of desire for hope or encouragement by the end of it all. Anything else goes can be saved for the diary.

So you can expect to see anything from thoughtful and balanced music reviews, an in-depth disclosure (maybe some day a discussion) of my worldview on any topic I find relevant, some poetry that is not about teenage love angst, some music I've written or recorded or support (it will almost always have a free, legal, super legit download most likely from Bandcamp available), and other stuff too.

I apologize for the "Christiany" ads that may appear on the sides of the screen or the bottom. While I did opt to have ads on the site and while I do believe in the Biblical Jesus Christ being my reason to exist, there's this thing called "Christianity" that politicians and jerks with signs believe in as "life after death fire insurance" or "manipulative power or influence". I believe not in things as corrupt as the fake prayers you see before a political exhibition or the things that try to "sell God" or the things that hatefully condemn and judge the world, simply because they are not what the historical Jesus taught and are not what the Bible teaches. I came to belief out of reason, not out of trickery or brainwashing or fear. If you'd like more on that there are tons of posts you can read round these parts, but I'm just gonna leave it at that and say that I'm not here to condemn, harass, manipulate, brainwash, or ignorantly blab about metaphysical belief. I'm all about love and logic, and while there's some grey area between the two in certain places, I think they mostly work together. Just keep open your minds, hearts, and perceptions to any and everything, but above all, seek truth with diligence and scrutiny. It's the only thing that sets you free from this oppressive world.

For those of you who've been reading for any amount of time to regard the previous statements as old news,


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