You're Just a Rebound Away

I have caught myself in a contradiction.

Adorning my upheld misanthropy, whilst scorning the neglect dealt from society.
I did, at one time, search for jobs that involved the least amount of human interaction possible.
Ironic, that I work in customer service.
Further still, that I have committed myself to a field that is entirely built upon the praise, approval, and natural attraction of humans and their subjective perspectives.

It is because I love and appreciate people that I am miserable.
I am miserable, for they do not enjoy or experience or expect the same amount of potential to be lived out in a life as I enjoy, experience, and expect in my life and in the lives of all those else.

I write these songs and words
I cry over these ideas and realities
I stare into the void
And after a bit it stops staring and forgets all about me

Throw all your money at Wal-mart and let me waste away.

My mind explores, feels, and celebrates through my one-way windows: eyes and ears and whatever causes my insides to sing.

I hope you feel it too.

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