Melting Away Bitter Winter

Tonight I keep my head afloat thanks to whom my heart belongs.

If I'm down on myself, all that I've worked so hard on has no value.


Definitely crying on my bagel listening to Honesty Folk

I'm Scared to Tell the Truth for I Fear You Will Reject Me Because of It

How it binds me


Of Music as Part of Life (People)

We've (A Quiet Place and I) been experiencing some friction among venues, people, ideals, and the like toward how music, shows, performers, and crowds should be approached and what people continually miss sight of is that music comes from people, and without a mutual respect for people or their thoughts expressed through art, we are left with only bitterness or a worthless, false sense of arrogance.

So when I get told that someone I'm trying to book isn't allowed to or shouldn't play due to the fact that they are "Not PG-13", "too loud for a Sunday crowd", or "Anarchists don't accept Christians and will walk out the second a guy says 'Jesus'" (the PG-13 remark is in the name of Christianity, there's blood on everyone's hands here), it breaks my heart to know that money or idealistic superiority will try to prevent people from an opportunity to do what they love and, in part, live for.

This is a place where no forthright judgement comes against crowd or performer. A place that is committed to allowing ideas and sounds to play and be heard, at least once without any discretion beyond a desire for mutual respect above all: http://www.nicsentinel.com/top-stories/2013/03/05/the-house-of-the-rising-sun/

So my challenge to you is this: will you take back music? Will you fight to claim mutual respect we all desire and deserve? Will you swallow your pride and, at the very least, hear out the differences of perspective others possess?

Or will the honest hearts be forever neglected by the ignorant? Must we continue creating jaded hearts in one another?


To Think I Ever Speak Truth

In this moment as I'm speaking
All solutions, they will come to me
Yet when I cease I will meet the ending
Of my false clarity, for I am a fool


While I'm not the always only person who cares,
I tend to be of the few who take action.