Life Dream Get!

I'm gonna make this short and sweet, I'm a bit hysterical, my friend Bobby and I made a Chiptune song that won a boss music contest hosted by the "A.N.N.E." Kickstarter! We are beyond excited right now just to have our music heard by so many people, that's all that truly matters in the end, but we are even more stoked to have won 1st place! That stuff never happens to me, directly, at least. Check out the medley below, check out the other artists (serious props to KaMiZoTo's track, my personal favorite), and back A.N.N.E. on Kickstarter (vote 'YES' on Steam Greenlight too!)! I'll post more as events unfold, probably renovate my blog like I've been planning to (sorry for the bipolar, heavily loaded, unprofessional mess, visitors from A.N.N.E., this blog is a lot of things and stuff) yadda yadda here's the video:

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