To the Future!

Despite (or in light) of my attempts to avoid scheming about plans concerning finances and where my work is going and all that, a lot has been falling into place as of recent, things completely out of my direct control.

Here come the instances:

My initial hopefulness was inspired by some friends really connecting with me in the last couple days, my friends Bobby and Elijah. Both people I've considered to be my best friends, both who've had some serious run-ins with "do-what-I-want" syndrome. I've been able to support them in making life changes, which has helped me help myself in ways as well.
Basically, in this I've found a potential roommate/friend-I'll-have-around-enough-to-consider-a-brother in Elijah, and a Chiptune partner in Bobby. 

Big-E news is still in the works, but I've been hard at work with Bobby working on my 3rd full-length Chip song, which is turning out to be better than I ever could have imagined it. It went from showing Bobby how LSDJ works to spending about 20 hours of our week hammering out this song. We're trying to win this backer-exclusive music competition for a video game project titled "A.N.N.E." on Kickstarter, and we're going all out for boss fight music, incorporating sound design for an imaginary boss fight, three forms long, complete with transitions and all that. I'll be posting it tomorrow or the next day, we'll be finished later tonight or tomorrow.

On top of all that, summer is coming up, so my game design boys will be out of school schedules, with plenty more time to devote to making our game a reality. I'm really hoping to start a website or blog dedicated to progress on the game once we get into the thick of development and we can start portraying an actual game.

There's only one counter to all the awesome happening and that would be
my love taking a month & a half vacation to the Middle East. I haven't been apart from her longer than a week since we started dating almost two years ago, I feel like life is going to be much harder and lonelier without her. Heck, the week she was gone I nearly lost my mind. I might get more stuff done, but I question how inspired or happy I'll be when she's gone. She is joyous motivation.

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