A Big Plan

I am hoping to make a life-focus shift from working retail and doing things that make me sad to focus primarily on writing, recording, producing, and performing music, designing, writing, and programming video games, and utilizing my writings skills for any potential application, creatively, analytically, or otherwise.

All of this is with the intention of stirring up something in people's hearts that might make them a better version of themselves.

With this change, I will be relying heavily on the funding of kind souls who support and appreciate the things I do. Instead of getting a paycheck from a corporation, I wish for the paycheck to come from individual hearts who contribute and become apart of things I am a part of.

I plan to do this through various outlets, such as:




-Personal Freelancing (email, Facebook, etc.)

And maybe teaming up with some type of publisher, should I ever come in contact with one.

If anyone has any advice on marketing these endeavors seriously, I would love to hear from you.

I'm seeking out a $500 monthly income, I've been praying about it constantly, and until there is no more fire for the flame or the doors never open, I will vigorously pursue living by what I believe in and do best.

Let's do something cool together.

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