Buddy, I Wanna Live for a Living

Things are moving in very neat directions and it looks like one of them is the end of this here blog.

I want to keep writing but my heart for writing has not yet found a home, so until the time comes for the appropriate places for my ambitions, poetry, and feelings to find their respective written outlets consider this a writing hiatus. I still get enough traffic to consider keeping this url and making it redirect to a central hub of Falloneus stuff, but I've yet to find cohorts that will help make this happen.

Until then just know that I am on my first real tour with Kevin Schlereth (I'm playing Every Day songs)right now and I may be going on as many as 3 more in the next 12 months. Who knows?!

I'm also working on a 2d Metroidvania style platformer, providing the code and the music. I really want to make this flourish.

I'm also trying to radicalize my heart in every aspect, and a lukewarm writing wasteland is not radical. There was a time when this blog was something I looked forward to writing every other day or so, and I so enjoy to pen the creative thoughts when they arrive in the cranium of mine. But words are being overtaken by actions and sounds these days. I want to make those the primary simply because I feel led to.

You can always keep up with me on Facebook, through Every Day, A Quiet PlaceThe Hallowd Ground, or Patron21 (especially Patron21).

We'll see.

Until sight,
Be free.
Be free.
Be free.