A Quiet Place (My Band)

A Quiet Place is a post-rock/instrumental/ambient/atmospheric that I started with my friends Andrew Brand, Andrew Choske, and Elijah Wilson. We wanted to make music with purpose and depth, and this ended up being the result. Sometimes we throw in different musical influences, from post-hardcore screaming to spoken word poetry to Gameboy sampling... and that's just since February 2012.

We've played with touring acts such as Destroy Nate Allen, The Ongoing Concept, Self Proclaimed Narcissist, and Kevin Schlereth.

We have a free downloadable EP "Rest Awhile" available on Bandcamp!

It was recorded at Andrew Brand's house February 2012, with all the engineering done ourselves (with the help from Andy's brother Nathan).

You can also find us on Facebook.

We love to talk to people and book shows and all that stuff.

Here's our songs for all of you without the care to leave this page and listen to us.

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