ALL My Musical Endeavors

These are the music projects I've had a hand in that I've written for, recorded with, currently play in or once played in and really support/impacted my life/are hysterical to look back upon. Consider it a portfolio!
Please don't let my non-challant nature fool you, I am deeply passionate about the music I create and hope to make a future out of it, or at least inspire others in the ways that I am inspired:

Tornado Jumpin' Sunday (Chiptune Collaboration with Bobby Montgomery, WE JUST WON A CHIPTUNE CONTEST FOR METROIDVANIA STYLE "A.N.N.E."s KICKSTARTER, CHECK IT OUT) - Bandcamp

A Quiet Place (Post-rock, Instrumental Band) - Bandcamp (Free EP) /// Facebook

Every Day (Instrumental, Ambient, Acoustic) - Bandcamp (Free EP) /// Facebook

Death 0tter (Windows General MIDI Music, Chiptune, Gameboy Music) - Facebook

The Hallowd Ground (Extreme Punk, Gypsy Hybrid) - Bandcamp (Free EP)  /// Facebook


Untitled Video Game - Yes, I'm making ambient music for an exploration game, but everything I've recorded thus far has amounted to a mess of unpolished conceptual demos that change literally every two weeks so I'm not really presenting that right now. Just take my word for it, it'll be unlike anything you've played before ;)

Dissention R.I.P. (First band, punk and metal and stuff, pretty juvenile, but it's my roots. Always fun to observe a person's progression) - Myspace /// Facebook


Also, here's my account, so you can see what I'm listenin' to these days.

If you are interested in any type of collaboration, please email me at fallonbraddy [at] gmail. I specialize in all types of ambient, rock, electronic, folk, jazz, Chiptune, and plenty of other nameless types of music, playing in over a dozen groups in the past ten years. Just paying my dues to make some type of break, but in the end, success means nothing to me in light of creating music for others to be moved by.